People are the biggest risk

I have always proffered that the biggest risk, above all, is your Human Resource risk.

When we look at crises in sectors such as banking, insurance, healthcare, football, charity, etc., at the core of each of these breaches or scandals are people. People control, manage and handle risk, from the board table cascading down into organisations.

We are now faced with ever-increasing cyber risks – handled by people – and pandemic risks – spread by people.

We know that risks are inevitable and organisations have a moral and legal obligation to attend to the safety and well-being of those they serve, those who work for them and other stakeholders.

However, this duty of care applies to and from us all, in whatever station we fulfill in life and work. I am struck by The Golden Rule principle of treating others as one wants to be treated, which is a maxim found in most religions and cultures.

The recent pandemic and global cyber attacks have brought the world closer. Maybe if we all turned on our screensavers to self-reflect whether our actions or inactions are contributions that adhere to The Golden Rule in all that we do, the risk impacts would not be so widespread.

Carol Ann Casey

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